Writing… A strained relationship..

Months and years  goes by!  I find back to my writing.  And it pisses me off! But it’s the outlet that gives me peace of mind in my eternal quest for the Truth.

It’s like a woman that comes and goes when she pleases. Most commonly in a crucial period of time and space.

She comes when I need her the most, and leaves and breaks my heart when hope and happiness with the writng is at it’s peak.

Its when I need her the most, she leaves. It’s when she lures me into some false security she punches me out. Into the dark wilderness. And I wander around like a lost soul trying to find back what he once had.

Writing and women. They both give deep impact on me.  

 Story of my life so far. The eternal Factotum. Every warning sign was there but I ignored them. I wrote about these warning signs. Like a drifter I wander from country to country all around Europe. Working here a nd there in the eternal quest for sanctity in sanity and a world that’s gone mad is tough business.

But hell! The adventure in itself is a lot more refreshing than rotting somewhere in a cave…

Oh fuck this weed! I need a bloody drink!

But I’m also on antibiotics… What the hell is happening?

The booze is awaiting, and I will soon go back into the bottle and make love to the little Geenie inside of it.



One response to “Writing… A strained relationship..

  1. At least in the cavern you can talk to your shaddow:)
    Wimans are womans. And some of them are wilder than you. Polygyny and Premarital for the experian. as well we were children once in our own galaxies, growing up liberatly or authoritatived. But whats the hole truth for sure, you had to travel there becaurse you sed, you had to. Or you could’ve asked ennybuddy; Where were you when the pages of the book wasn’t written?

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