Norwegian politicians and their cowardess…

“Send the Scum back home” was the title of profiled politician in Norway. He’s name is Vidar Kleppe.

He hides behind freedom of speech by using kids of a different skin in his hatred and disgust of illegal immigrants.

He blames asylum seekers for a “new” drug problem in a park in my birth town Bergen.

I will admit however that I have not been to Bergen for years. But I do know for a fact that this creature is using groups against each other to collect discontent amongst the most gullible idiots amongst voters.

He’s using drugs and racism in his quest for votes! And he’s using a debate forum in Aftenposten that banned me from telling these rascals the Truth!

That they are mixing up a drug problem with immigration problem! He like the newly elected Obama and our newly elected “socialist” regime is a complete hypocrite and a coward! He and his minions got me out of a newspaper I once worked for!!

He did not want to take away my drugs, but he wanted the dark skinned people to get out before they corrupted small innocent white skinned people called our daughters and sons!

The only ones who’d approach thesee dangerous criminals who deals Hashish on the streets are mostly people who are tough enough toface them! Vidar Kleppe don’t know that.

He reads into0 things in a way his warped mind wants to read from!

I ask him: Are you for or against legalization of drugs?

He like most other politicians and power mongers I have had the displeasure of disgussing with, runs from the question! They run away from the question because they have heard the truth once and have to face it that they are wrong! They have no integrity! They cannot admit that they are wrong!

And Vidar Kleppe was trying to link a drug problem with young asylum seekers dealing drugs to kids as young as 14!

What a bunch of malarky!

I do not know where these politicians are hatched, but they seem to have the same kind of mental block when it comes to drugs. They are brainwashed! And power mongering wee bastards who need to be forced to see reality!

The whole disgussion in the forum soon evolved into a frenzy of hatred towards Islam itself! And some of these pricks answering me back were hiding behind freedom of speech while accusing me of one thing after another and abusing mine!

These people in Aftenposten and in Norwegian Parliament and government is a buch of cowards who need a reality check.

Got another wee fun fact for you!

About 3 weeeks ago I recieved an email from a party that would suit me perfect, unless it was for their complete lack of humanity when it comes to drugs.

He’s name is Anders B. Bergsaker!

This is what he had to say if I started to grow illegal plants all over his socialist country:

Ja, du vil bli forfulgt som en krimminell om du dyrker hasj i Norge. Gjør du det i utlandet vil neppe den norske stat bry seg.

Om det skal være forbudt å bruke hasj som legemiddel er et vanskelig spørsmål pga alle fordommene mot narkotiske stoffer og det fortsatt ikke er klare forskningsresultater som går dene ene eller andre veien. Venstre vil ikke ta det ibruk, men Unge Venstre vil.

Let me translate this for you!

“Yes! You will be prosecuted as a criminal if you grow your own weed in Norway! Do it abroad,  the Norwegian Stae would not care.

If it (Cannabis) should still be illegal in Norway for medicini9nal purposes is a difficult question because of all the prejudices against drugs in general and scientific findings cannot give a conclusion on the matter; either one way or another.”

Like said: He’s a bloody coward who seeki a position in power and cannot face simple facts and the moral code of freedom!

What this freak does not know is what kind of mind enhancing drugs should be taken, and when it’s not!

And he hides behind his ignorance because he and his party doesn’t dare to come out of its shells!

I would gladly join this party if they managed to grow up!

Our prime minister, like Obama and Barry Cooper and Mark Emery and myself and billions of people all around the world have once tried cannabis!

What harm did it do to them? What harm can Cannabis do what harm  is not already done?

Our prime minister, and one of the worst persons in the world: Jens Stolnberg! Hypocrite! Ex pot smoker! And a cokmplete dictator in his warped perceptions of reality.

Instead of answering questions, they are using police and customs to percecute non violent crimes!

they are putting people in cages for the most benign drug in the world! And all illegal substances are in fact medicinal!

It doesn’t matter wether it is Whisky, cocaine. marihuana, hashish, heroin or acid!

I have first hand experience with them all! You are being lied to! And it’s the same kinds of politicians all around the world that is lying to you the same way as a government  have not voted for since 2001!

And even the party that I voted for last time is redder than Stalin! And they’re hypocrites too!

All Writers who are voting for a party that still pushes for caging in other people for drugs have no right to call themselves writers! I call them whores of a sick society, and I hope that Ari Behn will be kicked out of the Royal community ASAP so he can do what he claims to have been doing!

You listening to this you wee piece of shit?


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