Reply to fortune tellers…

A wee reply to email scammers and fortune tellers…

“It’s because I have major complaints and grievances in general.

 Besides, I don’t need lucky numbers, lucky charms or empty promises about eternal bliss. What I want to know why shit hit the fan two years ago and why the ghosts of past is still dragging me in to Ireland. A country I have started to despise at the moment. If you can give me the name of the woman who sent me down triver two years ago, I’ll start taking you seriously about clairvoyance. Because I have some of the same traits, and I trust my journalistic testicle more than I trust self proclaimed gurus and fortune tellers anywhere. I trust an old gypsie woamn who’d screw you for a nickel any day more than pay-per-miracle wizard on the internet. I trust the anger and honesty of Whiskey and Guinness more than I trust most people’s integrity. I trust the sensitivity of Marihuana more than I trust the words of promise from a woman. So? What does the future hold for me wise woman? Regards


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