Daily life in Ireland

I want to talk to you about drugs and my own drug experiences that often have been a part of my travels. I want to take you on a journey that will make you think and re evaluate all you thought you knew about drugs.

I’m smoking PULSE these days.

Consisting of herbs that will rejuvinate your mind in ways you never thought possible, Marihuana has got nothing on this blend of holy smoke.

Bay Bean, Blue Lotus, Damiana, Stevia Leaf, Lemon Grass, Pink Lotus, Tribulus Terrestris, Indian Pennyworth, Rose, Siberian motherwort, Marsh mallow, Clove, Hops and aroma essence.

Every night, I enjoy a philosophical hour in the garden og my B&B and live a dream I thought was out of grasp. I wrote about this in my City of Joy many years ago. And the smoke reminds me of what I’m all about, and make me question things that I oncew took for granted, and my motives for going though with things. I treasure these nights in Ireland. The stars come out. the sky is clear, and the herbs are working on your mind in high gear.

As soon as I’m finished with my daily rutines at work, I go and discover the real Ireland. This is more than an adventure. It’s almost like coming home. People are friendly. They greet you on the streets and talk to you in the pubs. It’s a way of life. Every thing is in a different pace here. Even though the food can improve, it’s all about atmosphere.

I know that I’m tripping. Suddenly my plans in the North seem somewhat strange. As if I was a cheesy character in a bloody womans novel or something.  Checking the news, listening to some hardball comedian, falling asleep with my pc warming up my belly.

Mornings are beautiful. Most days I’m in too much of a rush to notice it, munching down my breakfast and striding to work. Coming back to the Fairlawns with a lovely couple who’s given me a great deal while looking for a room. More than once do I fantasize about just move in here for a 150 euros a week and enjoy my afternoons in solitude in the back garden. But it would interfere with my plans. I would grow too content. Maybe I should try it a bit further. And see if my spunk would come back yet. I must have a few pints of Guinness to make up my mind. And smoke a bit more Pulse weed and get perspective. 

All Things happen for a reason.

Bohemianwriter, Septbember 2009


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