Two Years in Exile… Talking to the wisdom of the Pipe weed


After a week weird visions and a constant struggle, it has become more and more clear to my that I am supposed to be here in Ireland.  It’s almost like coming home….

I’ve been in Exile in Malta, and realized I was in exile.
The last day in Malta was magical. together with Stephane, Stefania and little Dylan in a seaside bar named Exile, drinking beer and knew that I would miss that place. I would miss them!
It’s run by an old local hippie with just one rule: Keep to the code! Off course the flag had tha Jolly Roger like a true pirate flag has.
The old captain on board this ship lent me rolling papers for a splif one night a few weeks earlier. I did not drink that night. But I smoked some beautiful export and was feeling great. Stefania and I waited for Stephane to come back with we Dylan. It was getting a bit dark already.

My dearest friends in all of Medittireanean have no idea what they have done for me with their presence, with our reunion and with their friendship.
Through their struggles they helped me see myself again. My flaws, my strengths and what I was supposed to be.

I left them with a sad heart with a task I had to do that seemed unfulfilled. But my time was up there for the moment.
There was something else was calling me. Again I went out on a search. It seems that Ireland might hide the answers to my questions.
20 minute drive to the border to Northern Ireland. 75 minute train ride to Belfast. I’m still not finshed with that town! Everytime victory seemd near, shit has happened. This time it took me two years to regain whatever strength I have left.
And I’m talking to the skies… To the trees… To the holy pipeweed from Cosmic Corner that sells a dozen different kinds of legal drugs that will take you to new place of conception and self realization.
They sell Salvia Divonorum there! They sell Magic Mushroom! They sell herbs that will get you into the same mode as from a giant bong hit.

I just spoke with my guardian angels tonight. they spoke back to me with a notion, through the trees, through the winds, through the stars and the sky. They spoke to me through each breath of sacred smoke I took.

I’m here for a reason! I’m here on a mission! The job is just a means to get o the next place. The True Job lies a in the near future.

What that is, only I know for sure. I just have to see the deeper meaning of things. Fight old advercaries and overcome old fears.

And most of all; I am a wizard!

And a wizard is never late! Nor is he early! He comes precieselly when he means to!

I will go out and smoke a bit from the steps of my beautiful B&B again and talk to the trees and the green hedges and the hills far away…

There’s nothing like an adventure where you don’t know what will happen from day to day…
Because the target is not too far away. No more farther away than you can grab it if you reach far enough…


September, Dundalk, Ireland


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