Norwegian politics 101!

All right!  Let me recapture here!

The thing is that the US election turned out to be quite entertaining, even for an international audience. Also for me1 Tell you the truth, I still have some soft spot for the Big Beast across the dam. Besides, politics seem to be a hell of a l0t more entertaining over there .

Any journalist or writer who couldn’t take something out ofthe November election must be brain dead.

and there was times I wish I was an accreddited journalist or a comlumnist with my bag filled with drugs so I could ope with even speakinfgg to any of these fat cats and their gullible mignons.

Norwegian politics is so boring that you need a bag of drugs to even think about writing to make it interesting.

I’ll give you a lesson in Norwgian politics!

It’s basically the same as anywhere else! They are full of bullshit here as they are anywhere else! The ones with the biggets lies are the ones who win!

It’s not about the Truth1 It’s all about who will fuck you the best!

It’s all about the party or the candidate who can lie to you best! And off course managing to hide the corruption the best.

So how does this go about?

You read about all the parties and what they have to offer, and choose the one who can bullshit you the best on your own prejudices. If you hate drugs and criminality and libarelaisme, you vote for a party that have certain things in common with that.  Unfortunatelly those parties are all for deralugation and they will putt your grand mother in a coffin in two seconds of she can’t pay her insurance!

Abd all parties are competing for the same gullible idiots that they did 4 years ago.

I’ll tell you a lilttle secret my menatal pygmees:

when your government is lying to you., you, you either lose your life savings, your freedoms, and we might even go yto war and sacrifice kids in our sacret war for “democacracy”..

Democacy as we see it today is a joke.

There is no democacy when the freedoms of a minority is beiung squashed through draconian rules and laws that makes more menace than actual a piece of peace..

Norwegian parties are somehow making allies with big magnats to get their message across. Norwegian parties have become whores to Big Business.

¨Norwegian politics have a choice right now..  To become more fascist that it already is, or choose a more humane politcs!

But every time I hear politcians talk in the same samples as they did 4 years ago, and I wasn’t even in Norway at the time and 8 years ago and 12 years ago and 30 years ago.

LEt us get a few things straoight here! In 40 years we have had a fascist governement with laws that directly interviens with each and all of our personal freedom. That law is named 162A in the penal code!

It’s about drugs! It’s what some manic power monger who claims to have any soryt of morality on their name to spew out their prejudice directly from USA and Nixon!

I Politics is about how to abuse power the best way and get away with it!

In Norway, like in any other self proclaimed democracy in this world, we are not living in a true demoicacry! We get our voice heard ever election, and after that, the powermongers are findinbg neqw ways to screw with you and take away more freedoms from you!  They are calling it “rights”…. As if you were born a slavbe and needed extra rights just fror being born a human1 It’s when you hear the word “right that you know that you freedoms as a human being is stripped away from you.

Politicians are like a new employer. Full of promises for the “right2 candidate2 for so to screw you and give you “rights” as if they were the ones who gave them to you as soon as you sign a contract.

And you do not have the right to throw them overboard until the years are over, but your alfa males and females can rape you at will on a daily baisis by amending laws that direcvtly intervienes with your personal freedom.

And you get too brain damages by their pills to even see what is happening to you. You just go witjh the flow and think that evetrything is alright until you party leader tells you everything is not al right and start helping you finding some scape goats for your own misery, and start hating people that has done n0othing to you while you admire the power mongers who are really fucking with you when you are not aware.

and Norweg9ian “journalists” are will moutpieces for any side that they know are talking directly into their own mouths and school brains. Most of these pricks have no real reality in life, yet they are trying to take ownership of other people’s hardships to make cheap politacal points.

In the meantime, pot smokers, we don’t give a rats ass, and junkies die while the “responsible” ones are fleeing from their respnsibility and refer to laws ancient laws, or don’t understand the rules and amendments they don’yt even unbderstand thenselves.

Norwegian politics is as corrupot to the core as any other banana republic or a a religious fascist country in the world as Afghanistan or Saudi arabia.

We’re taking after the old fascist way these days. The only thing that still keeps our world free is in fact the freedom to insult! The freedom tell the truth. Unfortunatelly most journalists have forgotten this little thing. so have most writers and artists. They are submitting to whatever regime that might suck up to them so they can say hoew bad the media is, or the politicians hate the mdeia and appeall to their gullible voters that way by using the hated media to spread their own pack og crap.

This is Norwegian politics. I have worked asd a media man, seller, and freelancer to see through their pitches. their full of empty words, and nothing meaningfull inside. I’ll tell you why. It’s because most those on election these days have little or no true grasp of reality.

They have washed their brains on a party program the same way as any evangelist is taking the gospels for factioius truth…

I say fictious, but then again, my perception is a bit different from those amateurs who think that whisky is better than cocaine, and Oxyntonton  better than a spliff.

How wrong they could take…

It’s all about perception of reality1 I am reality! I am the bastard who will take you on a ride that will remind you that you shall never trust any prick who wants your vote.

all of them have a secret agenda. To get power to rule over your life1 And before you know it, Hashish is illegal! You voted for the same party all your life, and you’ve been smoking a daily spliff for pains, and suddenly the party you voted for got a new leader whom obviously got fucked from behind by an alfa male or some ideoligical pieces of pamphlet that has nothing to do  with what they claim to have: respect for you personal freedom!

The only thing that Norwegian politicians have respect for is the richest bastrdds in town, and feel someowhat timid or insulted every time one of these vulture threaten to leave Norway wto save taxes and pay just as mucht in mare money and media to one party that claims to be the party for “most people” and act like their some sort of  cloneing from some soret of a Nurneberg rally. And all their rhetorics leads in that direction.

Less freedom and more corporate dictatorship1 and everytime they’re being caught, they are just like the Labor, blaming someone else, and thriving on gullible people’s fear.

Hence, Norwgian politcs is like an eternal economics class. Boring! We Norwegians have become Luxury animals the lot of us. Whe’re not discusting ideological differences!

We’re discussing ideologial matters, we think, while we’re still squabbling about how we’re spend or our vast fortune of oil.

In the meantime, oild people will rot away and be dead while their corpses are rotting away in some institution.

More people in prison will come out more sick than they were when they heard the slam of their door behind them just because they were doine by some mafioso that thrives on poor health care, a rotten justice system, and a bunch of politicians that are so lost in their own party books and their corrupotion that they have forgotten that it’s much worse doing what they’re doiung than the ordinary cannabids smuggler ever can do. It’s the politicians anbd their mighons who are violient! It’s the law! and threyu have a right to abuse their power once they catch you with a spliff in customes!

Then you are being considered as an enemy ogf their sacred state1 Desåite the fact  that it’s their “law”, their arerogance, ignorance and politics that keeps you under their thumb of rulew. The only difference we have with North Korea or any other commie fascist state is our freedom to talk about this. To object. But to try to overthrow your government without permission, or make a citizens arrest for their corruption is strivtly forbiiden. Who made power mongers holy cows anyway

Here’s a little list of Norwegian politicians and powermongers and assholes that will be on my list the next couple of weeks:

Mentioning names would be stupid at this time.

But there are no particular  difference between the far right and the far “left” in Norway.

They all have the same agenda. To have power over you, and decide for you what kind of tyrrany we’re going to make deals with next time _ in the name of “The Norwegian People”…

The sad bit is, that most parties I chew up and spit out feel me as a direct threat to their monoply of Law, order and morality. and if they get to manyu truyths slapped in their faces, they call on Uncle and forget that they just managed to aliananate yet another writing asshole who don’t buy their lies, and drag yet another Norwegian veteran in a cage, and in front of a court for living the freedom he’s worn his uniform for.

Norwegian power mongers are as arrogant as any other brain damaged power whore in the world. and they do not like getting Truths thrown in their fcaes. Unless it is election time, and their voters are timid enough to be overthrown by samples from a stage or from a stand.

I sell fis for a living! From door to door! Even though I don’t pay taxes on this sale, and the whole business is as dirty as any taxi business, my business is more honest than the crimes that atre being committed in the parliament every day.

So, here the deal: Which party do yo want to committ crimes after your own taste and prejudices?

anyone still thinks that smoking a spliff is worse than drunk driving?

Anyone think that your crimes shall be punished, while your leaders are getting away with it?



2 responses to “Norwegian politics 101!

  1. How under Gods Blue Heaven or on Gods Green Earth do you ever manage to get through customs at the airport….your any airlines worst nightmare man.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I dont like you because I do…


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