good luck on your religious project… In turning me and the lot of us into insane Islamic wackos…

There’s this old Pakistani who’s been living in Norway the last 35 years.

This creature that I once had respect for is Labor politician. He may be right. That in Norway alcohol will be forbidden and polygami allowed… all in the name of Islam… Or multiculturalism if you want… Get rid of of the flag as we know 9it, and replace it with an Islamic moon.

I wonder what kind of drug this asshole is really on.

He continues:  An Islamic majority will eventually force it’s “values” upon us..

Well, in his Islam Country of Norway, he envision alcohol is prohibited to sell to Moslems but not Christians. I wonder how the hell he’s planning to enforce th0se rules.

We’ve spent the better part of 100 years to rid our selves of the weat cloth of Christianity, and one thinks for one second that anyone in their right mind would chance Christianity with something that belongs on the bottom of the ocean outside of Valletta. He and his mignons lost big time in 1565 at the gates of Mdina and ft. St. Elmo.

Islam will never be a major force like Christianity ever was in Norway. No ethnic Norwegian would stand for it. Yet Aslam may get some fuel for his wet dreams of a society driven by warped religous dellusions by his moral equals in Christian fundamentalists. at least both groups have one historical common. Jews was the big enemy. And if it’s not Jews, it’s drunks, or junkies or writers, or anytone who actually knows something about the world he lives in. Aslam Ahsam obviously does not.

Sir! Mr. aslam Ahsan1 why are you coming with this information? Or is it merely an opnion?

You may be right that Norway will become an Islamic state as long as the gulible idiots I call my countrymen keep making me whish I was somewhere else. I don’t really care. I’m going down to Ireland anyway.

He makes a few factual errors in his assumptiuon from various Islamic countries. Iran for instance. He claims falselly that 98% of the population is confessing Moslems. I call that factual bullshit. None of the Persians I have spoken with confesses to Islam. A friend of mine despices Islam, Moslems and all what they stand for1 He’s been a tennant in one of the most gruelling prisons in Tehran until the government demanded 70 000 USd from his father for his release. Somehow he managed to escape Iran to Belfast. Now he calls himself Persian with pride and would spit on both you and the whole Iranian government and even might say that Mohammed was nothing more than merelly a bleak spinoff from Zarathusthra.

Aslam Asham draws a chilling picture however.

The notion of importing Islamic Laws in Norway that in certain cases will superceed the law of the land, and also basic human rights. That is, if Islam moves backwards like it has done the last 35 years, in 3 generations we’ll see the enforcement of religious dogmas and madness walk hand in hand together with other religious nutcases that actually takes the whole Muhammed myth seriously, or virgin births for that matter.

Halleluja! How lovelly1 How the hell does this clown Ahsam expect me or any of my descendants to submit to the wishes of an insane desert pirate and his psychedelic visions for a fact or a myth that should be respected?

I’m not even going into any discussion whether this dessert god even exist, except for inb the heads of brain wahsed and gullible idiots that believe in everything that television tells them and that the politicians that they vote for are actually good people who wants the best and never lie and are clean as wistles.

I’m sorry, but no matter how much demografics you are trying to show me and others Aslam, your wet dream will not come true. Not as long as there are people like me around. Before that happens, I will personally carry both you and Mullah Krekar right back where you came from along with your families that is selling me shitty dope.

And this idiot Mohammed Usman Rana who’s playing the role of the victim here. While his older is saying that we need to accept that another desert religion shall take the place of another one,  Rana is playing the other role to victimize other Moslems by claiming that Moslems have gotten death threats for being a part of the debate.

Poor wee bastards! I used to get a half a dosen death threats a month for articles I wrote for Shaban Rehman 9 years ago. She’s been threatened on her life by Ranas brothers in faith – the religion of “peace”. something tells me that this debatant is projecting his bullshit to have an excuse to blow up in anyones face who dares to critizse his stand on burkas and hijabs, and claims that Moslems are beinge percecuted when there are Moslems that always seem to be the offended part.

I insulted your fatass prophet once while talking some young Moslems respect. I was pushed down some steep stairs, and when I tried to get up, they were over me shouting Allahu Akhbar! This is what your Moslem brethrens did to someone who’s been in Yugoslavia to save some sorry Moslem asses. And this is the thanks I get. I also get shit from the other side, calling me a war criminal because I let Clinton bomb Serbia half to pieces. I would much rather see the al Aqsa Mosque eliminated together with all other religious rellics that drives people mad.

Rana is a mental pygmee that obviously have some serious issues to deal with… like REALITY1

Once he can wake up from his wet dreams of a pedophile “prophet” and his exheptionalism he’ll see that his faith: ISLAM is nothing more than a pack of bullshit that desrves all due respect as Christian fundies who long for the Rapture. Maybe one day the likes of Rana will see this. But only if he can get a lobotomy or if he’s open for arguements that only kids believe in a flying horse with a desert dweller on top of it claimoing to be some sort of messenger from God. Rana! Have you stopped believing in santa Claus yet? Or was that forbidden in the village of your wife beating Dad and uncles? When did your clan in Pakistan stop beating women?

When did you stop threatening infidels for insulting your child mollesting desert idiot? Becuase your prphet if his grave was around today, I would lay a turd the size of a birthday cake on top of his dried bones while drinking a bottle of whisky.

What is worst? Putting buldings and people on fire, or making a cartoon of the most fanatic of your Moslem brehtrens who believ in 72 vitrgins in heaven as long as they kill enough infidels? I’ve seen enough of Islamic “justice”….

I think you do not get it! there will never be peace in this world as long as yor religion or any monotheistic religion demands respect and will give none!

It will never be peace as long as you demand special rules for yourselves and a different set of rules for others. By what right do Islam treat women as merchandize?

You say that Moslems are being threatened for vocing their opnions? How? and what opnions do they have? Do these mean that a hijab should be compulsory for all “good2 moslem women? Who came with threats towards the cartonists? Is slogans “Kill those who insult Islam” signs of a peaceful religion with peaceful followers?

I judge a religious dogma out of its historical merrits and it’s followers. and Rana and ahsam: You two are living proofs that your religion have morality as the most fanatical Zionists and the Islamofascists that denies Holocaust one second and then give Hitler credit for what he did do the filthy Jews and the stinking Gypsies.

You Sir, Rana are nothing more than a fake and a bloody whiner! You want to have a religion or faith or whatever: fine! Do it in your privacy1 Neither I or anyone need your constant missionary agenda claiming that being critical to Islam is the same as being hateful or racist.  IT’s the same kind of logic that Zionists are usoing towards anyone who dares speaking out critically towards Israels policies in Gaza and the West Bank.

Your fake religion will never be a power factor here!

With knowledge, your religious fantasies will be categorized in the Childrens and Fantasy section together with the Bible, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Narnia.

I mean please, if I was God, I would make my preasens a bit more obvious. I would also  use better writers than Muhammed, Paul and Matthew and Luke and all the rest of them.

Another thing: How come did your God only talk to you and not the Native Americans or the Aboriginies or the Tibetans? Why did your Taliban brothers blow up ancient Buddha statues? When will you apologize on behalf of an insane flag of baboons threatening anyone not bowing down to Islamic supremacy?

Why does your God need so many mental pygmees to do his bidding? Why are you one of his mental pygmees that does nothing but apologize for your brothers’ misdeeds in Islams name and only come with one track complaining on how bad everytrhing is for you here?

Rana1 You remind me of this English born Islamic cleric who was hard on the splifs and the cider and the women who turned convert and denied everyone else the pleasures he have enjoyed himself out of moral reasons? what gives your desrt god such a moral superiority that you and your brainwashed followers have a right to tell other people how to live their lives?

Why do you let your boys screw around with blondes while talking about “honor2 while any Moslem girl doing the same will be lablelled as a Norwegian slut?

Why do you hide your women i hijabs anyway? Why did your Allah give you more freedoms than your sisters and your wives?

Who will stop me from marrying your sister except for your warped perception of what is apropriate?

Do you Rana support the notion of death penalty for converting from Islam to atheism?

Just a few questions for yo to chew on.

In the meantime, I suggest you go to Malta and tread on the dried blood of your Islamic Brothers who died in vain taking over the island.

Good luck in your Islamification project boys. You will get no help from me….



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