The Bastard is not yet dead! But I vote for death penalty…

…For hackers, virus spreaders and scum who misuse internet to scam people.

For almost three weeks, Ive been without my weapon. `

It`s making me nuts.

Any virus hacvker should be very careful around me. I find out, this little skunk would feel my wrath and an axe fitted for beheading!

I`m having a 18 truckloads of Truths to enrichen your sorry excuses for life to share! And I`m without my bloody sword!’

I`ve pissed on Malta, Betsson and a wee pussy hungry lawyer to test my matience. He acted like a pussy. His name was Ian something. according to a friend of mine, I should be careful with him. well, right now, i would like to use Ian Vallea as a punching bg for screwing up my stay in Malta for so such long time.

He and his bitchy client Megan (not so) Easy…

Coming back to Norway is like coming back to a mad house.. That`sb why I\ve been too busy geting drunk and high latelly, and actually trusted one of my best friends to fix my laptyop with in hours. Thomas is a skunk of a liar, and will get a knuckle sandwich from me once he gives it back to me. My weapon that is. That is a promise. And the bastard knows it.

and most of all, viruses have no rights! Like worms, the hackers and their worms have no rights! They should be the New blame victims. They should be gassed to death without mercy. They fucked up my laptop!

They screwed up my writings for weeks!

They deserve waterboarding and at least a dozen other torture methods before I would be satisfied!

And when I find out who you are, you better lock up your daughters and wifes,
and start running for your lives!

I just quit my pasifist BS about weapons. I used to shoot people as a duty 15 years ago!

I`ll take up arms again towards hackers, viruses and airheads who think they have a right to screw people for money!

Good luck, and go piss yourselves


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