Sharons bitching….

you are nothing but an angry person!! Stop complaining and putting other ppl down and do something usefull with your life!!! PPl were only trying to teach you a new job here! so why put them down!! Maybe you were missing your drug abit too much in the office!! Just do us all a favour and GET A LIFE!!


I’ve been so wanting to blow right into Betssons face for so long!

Sharon obviously do not very much aboyt me. I may be a loser! I am aloso the prick whom got 5 000 euros and spent it all on lose women, drugs and booxe!

So what?

Since Sharon in Payment obviously have an issue with me, let me answer:

Yes§ I am pissed off! You wee bastards should have paid me 10 000 euros and not 5 000!

And since I m travelling back to the dark side of the moon, wee pricks and PSM psychos better hurry!

Dear little Sharon:

My life have been rocher than what you can imagine! I have found out about fakes like you, Megan and wee pussy farts of Maltese lawyers!

Wannna know he’s name? Fine!

Ian Vallea Gellea§! You bosser little wimp of a lawyer!

And I find it much more interesting to piss on power mongers than the wee likes of you!

Though I felt like finally putting out BS that some morons wants to answer me with. I don’t mind! It’s what I once fought for!

Freedom of speech! Freedom to rant and rave as much as you want!

But be careful youngsters! Come to close to the truth, and you might be sencoered…



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