Away… in the general direction of away.

By the time you all read this, I will have gone away. Riding on a wave of mutilation, discontent, and dissent; together with his most venomous tool, my brain, my beloved head bones… I will not see you again. At least most of you.  But you will read my blog, you will certainly hear about me, if not from me directly. The heat in Malta began to go to my head… It’s been money and time well spent. And I don’t regret one second of it.

I will be away, in the general direction of away. I don’t like to be found when I don’t want to be found. And the bastards found me. Thanks to a landlord with a loose tongue, I will be forced to move to a secure place so I can continue my rants without having to worry about getting threats straight on my doorstep.

If everything goes, a dream will soon come true. To live my literature and I will meet some very interesting people on the way. While most you kreeps will be slaving away in front of you computers with an insane boss hanging over you, just to look for an excuse to fire you, there will be no one to tell me what to do, or when to show up. No Damocles Sword hanging over me. 


And I’m wondering…

Who’s next? And so will you…


Midsummer night’s eve 2009


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