Integrity, crimes and journalistic ethics

It seems that some people have a little warped view on these things. Unfortunately most of these people are law makers and employers.
And they are the worst perpetrators in all three accounts as my title says. They even employ shit for brain people to write them off! I call them media whores and cowards who don’t dare to rock the boat!
Oh dear! I don’t think they realize who they are screwing with this time! Me!
The only one I regret to ever have lied to is my wife to be, and she threw my things out in Belfast as I tried to do the right thing! She is actually the one who reminded me of what I was all about again! A raving writer who’s journalism is attached with a ton of passion!
Betsson do not hold any of the virtues that I can appreciate. They have no integrity, using scare tactics and the words of a school yard bully to keep people in line!
Betsson is in fact a laundry machine for dirty money!
And they employ a manager who’s having bad trips from some sort of a South African mushroom that makes you think that you have some superiority to play power trips on others. Where can you find mushrooms like that?
Here’s the deal! For 4 weeks, my blog went on the free and on the loose with all the employees at Betsson. They got good laughs, and they got served an ounce of truth. The Boss was on a holiday back at the farm, probably whipping blacks like her forefathers did.
She comes back, and manages to fire two people after just one day! I’ll give her that! She didn’t sack them on Workers day! She did it the next day instead!
Let me do a little song of praise for that; Hallelujah!
Now, it seems that she have read some of my stuff. And taken things out of context, and actually went ahead with a legal threat. Yeah! Right!
I’ve been in clinch with both ex IRA members who want me to write their story! Stories that might get them killed! And it would make me rich and infamous! It would be a book that some people would fear! I’m still working on that one by the way. Don’t worry! I’ve been shot at, stabbed, beaten half to death, threatened by extremists,
As if some puny betting company manager and her sidekick, Huckleberry dumbbell of a lawyer is enough to scare me to shut down my blog!
Yeah! Right! It’s a first time for everything, isn’t it? It’s a first time I have received a legal threat, which is the same as a violent threat, in lieu!
These are times I wish for, my dead publisher to come back from the grave! Read a previous entry on dead publishers and editors.
I digress. One week after the Boss comes back, I get a wee love letter from a lawyer’s office. My landlord picks it up for me. How kind of him!
They have obviously taken contact with my letting agent and gotten my address. They would never find me otherwise! I will have to make a note and a warning to my landlord: Don’t ever give my address to anyone! I might have to move out of this place just because of this!
I don’t feel safe here anymore after this letter. I’m sure that the landlord will understand. Besides, I might have some good drugs hidden somewhere for the next tenant to find. Use a drug dog!
The reason: They tried to fuck me since day one! Manager calling me in for a “personal” conversation… BS from A to Z…. Her drivel came from new depths of delusion.
Allegations of breach of contract… Reeking if booze, and now the latest, criminal acts…
It’s almost too funny to be true. Someone is living in a fantasy land here, and it’s not me! If someone feels personally offended by this, good!
It was meant to be! You see, that’s the wonderful thing about freedom of speech! No one is sacred! Especially not business managers who act like they are George W. Bush! Terminal dictators Someone who think they can take a piss on The Press! And threaten writers to silence just because they don’t like what they read!

The Bohemian Writer, May 2009


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