A schizoid island in Mediterranean

It had to happen! Wouldn’t it?
I just read my horoscope.
NEVER underestimate your strength! You are born to survive! You can cope with any challenge that life puts before you. When faced with adversity, you face it right back! You wear it down until trouble begins to regret that it ever bothered you and goes off to find a more acquiescent target. But you and I know that though you may be tough, you are also tender: Lately, in exploring your more sensitive side, you have begun to forget just how blessed you are. It is time to remember!
Who’s next to piss me off here?
A bloody writer from the North coming down to an island that would give most writers of old and dead a hard on even from their graves! And a drunken writer living in Malta needs to be reminded of what he’s all about again! And Malta is as schizophrenic to believe that Eurovision song contest will make anyone a rock’n roll star! I’d much rather jerk off with the tunes of KISS and Great ‘Expectations”…
Malta is a unique place in every perspective; historically, ethnically and geopolitical. I haven’t even started to talk about the people yet! Well, that’s whom I have been writing about Its history speaks for itself.
Some of the people here though, is as money grubbing as if they were from the Pope himself! I keep telling these wee mental pigmies that since I once was the best writer in Ireland, they seem to be a bit shut off, when I tell them that! Malta is not very well known for any great writer!
Instead, I get poor excuses for threats to keep me in line!
I get poorly hidden threats from punks from the Company!
Gaming industry as well as from some eunuch who claims to be a parliamentarian! And he’s out checking up young girls who’s hardly getting their nibbles hard, yet while his wife is waiting for him at home!
Suits! They think they have any form of authority over me, or my faithful readers!
And Betsson with the Boss over there, together with “Dr” Ian Vella Galea have got nothing but a wish to create a big name for himself by trying to screw with me for writing something new, exclusive, and true!
He’s last stand was a humble request for a meeting with me! I have not bothered to answer the mental pigmy that does not even know basic law! It’s obvious that he practically inherited the title Lawyer. Sort like the same as the parliamentarian who threatened me to get the hell out of here! Hell! Just because of this, I might even stay e a bit longer!
It sort of reminds me of what I was all about in Belfast in February 2007, when I said in my speech that through my writings I would scare the living shit out of anyone with bullshit and double talk! These wee soft bullshitters who think they have any power at all, think they can get away with poorly hidden intimidations!
These poor suckers have not yet until now found out about the power of the Written Venomous Word!
Hell! St. Paul is a wee amateur in comparison to what veneric crabs I can send over this island!
They don’t even have proper writers here! Journalism here stinks worse than my last night’s diahorrea!
Here, they love to kiss asses, and play guilt game of suspected people with full names in the paper! And still they have the nerve to try to give me a hard time!
Just because I ousted the Big Boss of Betsson who’s having a history of sacking people she really don’t like!
And now I hear that she’s gotten police protection outside her home! Obviously I hear it have something to do with me! I start to wonder; What kind of drug did she take when she was back on the Farm in South Africa to get these notions?
I am a mere tender writer and gonzo journalist! And I’d love taking another vacation on their money if they do not want to leave me alone to do my business as an author!
The Company have left me alone for a few weeks now!
I think that they have found out that I am not a one to be toyed with!
They would much rather have some sort of an idiot back from my own country to do their bidding! But I have the strange loyalty from my countrymen! Despite the fact that I despise most of them anyway!
The only people I truly love is the people that once gave me their love; The Irish!
And I’m almost finished with a book called “The Curse of the Irish Woman”!
This time, it was a lesbian Boss from SA that screwed me! Though I do not take the BS from a coward ever again!
Using young kids and freshman lawyers to try to get me to shut up!
My God! Once I have smoked a half a ton of weed, hence there is no way in hell that anyone could be able to shut me up!
You can never shut up a bastard who’s seen war and death and killings with his own eyes!
You can never stop a train running your way in a 100 miles an hour and there’s no breaks!
Dr. Ian Vela Galea together with a certain bullshitter from SA did not like my shit, and they have not tried to screw with me for two weeks now, since I sent off my last warning to the wee pee wee of a lawyer! He needs to get some more experience on his belt before he can ever have a chance against me!
I think he’s just born with his title, and one of the richest families here! As what my friend in Norway warned me on; thread carefully! According to him, there’s plenty of Norwegian star lawyers her on this insane island! Fine! Show them to me!
I have studied some laws myself!
And several companies have plenty of things they do not want to get out!
In fact; they are trying to intimidate me to give out more!
I’m asking you dear reader; Do you think that I would have written more about them if they would have left me alone from the start?
Chance is bigger for that!
Instead they put some small pee wee shark to get on me; A bastard writer who’d fuck with anyone looking at me funny these days.
Oh dear! How is this going to happen?
I promise one thing:
It will cost them dearly to stop me from giving out information that is clearly inside of journalistic integrity, yet enough to destroy them completely!
I have done this before! And I will do it again!
Bohemian Writer


One response to “A schizoid island in Mediterranean

  1. Morten, personaly I tink that you have been seeking a personal war to wage at any ones expense especialy your own….

    I think you have been looking for meaning to your life since Kim…..

    Anything to silence the screaming inside your head…..

    Maurice (Simon)

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