A love long lost and gone and betrayal; From Belfast to Malta and paranoid managers

This whole thing stinks worse than a bloody battle and a loose stomach after too much booze, beer and spicy food.. It was going to be so easy. A new beginning, or at least an attempt to get the past finished in an island under the sun. Still, she haunts me every night. Things happens that not even a wizard can foresee. However, after browsing through the pictures of the new management, I could see and feel that something was not right. I still took a chance. I had to get away from all the memories. Nothing is better than travelling into the unknown. Hoping for a new beginning in anew island. Whatever your plans may be, these will seldom be fulfilled. Sometimes things happen that you are not in complete control over.
And sometimes you meet people that prove to be disgusting scheming bastards who’s having terrible communication skills, and abusing powers to get rid of people they dislike. I think the word here is; lack of empathy. Some managers I have met, have proven to be dishonest, paranoid, intolerant, and scared to death of criticism, and have no problem in using bullish methods in silencing any critic, They are neither afraid of trumping up false charges for intimidation methods. And it seems plausible when they’re using a young horny S.O.B as cannon fodder for their agenda. I have proven that writers can in fact do something right in ousting management who do not belong in their position.
And the Celts are haunting me still. The old strength I once had is gone. Now, it’s pure will and anger that keeps me up. Having been betrayed by one woman after another starting April 2005, they seem to be merciless and cynical. Women are poison. And now, there’s one who wants my ass in a sling unless I stop writing about what she’s all about. Not even the woman who told me she loved me and through me under a bridge  would do this. Well, my beloved perhaps. She’s done something similar in November when I was at the end of the line. They would turn their heads away in shame. Not this one. She’s vindictive and determined. And I’m not well. But I won’t take any adversity lying down either!
And I’m waiting for the right opportunity to through my next little stings of information! My best vengeance is writing. I’ve done this since 2001!
And the love I once had is now long lost and gone; Now making a life on her own without me. A safe haven that once was a garden of peace to come home to.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Everything feels a bit… disconnected. I’m sleeping in a place that sometimes feels haunted, well if I can sleep at all. Insomnia makes me write these lines. As so many times before, the writing keeps me up. Not even now, I can stop writing. I just cannot write what I vowed to get finished.
Thanks Kim! ‘You destroyed me up more than you could ever imagine! I hope you’re happy screwing some local hero! That was when she got me suspended from the ADF, using her influence and power to betray me even more. Suddenly she was using her deaf and psychotic boss as a shield to face reality and even answer my questions. You never knew how bad I was off after you’re destructive letter and cold heartedness and lack of will to at least make an effort in October 2007, except for using energy to throw my things out under a wet sky!
I hope you’re happy sending me back into the darkness, stuck with the last two weeks in Belfast, haunting me day and night for the past almost two years!
I’ll tell you something: You have never met anyone like me, nor will you ever again! And the editor of CWN saw that we were good for each other. But I was obviously not good enough for you! So you lied and did exactly what you once said you never would! And you wanted to prove him wrong! What did you talk to him about anyway?
Morten Alme


2 responses to “A love long lost and gone and betrayal; From Belfast to Malta and paranoid managers

  1. Strange as it is my muse was once a Kim too….a beauty beyond compare…now still after 16 years apart…my heart still hankers in part for the touch of her skin on mine…..strange this thing called love!

    Maurice (Simon)

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