Member of Parliament, paranoia and Schozophrenia

I was on another little tourist trip today.
Many thoughts went through my head as I had an urge to piss in the Christening fountain in the Carmelite Cathedral.

Later on in my local joint, I wanted to take pictures of memorable people dancing with their 17 year old girlfriends and have a good memory, as well as wishing I was 15 years younger.
A young man was dancing right by where I could get my best shot. He4 was dancing with a girl that must have been at least 5 years younger than him. Unfortunately he turned around and shoved me off like he was some sort of a movie star trying to get away from paparazzo’s or something.
I quickly turned around to get a better shot, until the fat bastard was coming into my face, and started lecturing me on some sort of a local law.
-“Do you know who I am” the creature told me.
-Nope! And I don’t give a shit I told him”.
The creature started muscling out his proclaimed authority as a member of parliament, and started to ask me questions on where I came from, and that he could get me thrown out of this schizoid island.
I told him back that I was a freelance journalist5, and could fuck him up at will. He still didn’t want to back up untilAgsin it was this threatening tone he got some of his “friends” to cover from him.
Power people, eh?
They’re more sickening every time I have an encounter with them.
I asked the peewee of a friend to take his photo instead outside. And all I wanted was to get a few shots of people loving each other and having a good time!
This member of parliament who started to threaten me can kiss my ass and hope that I won’t dig up some real dirt on him. Because anyone who threatens me with their puny power will get it tenfolds back, and it will be no holds barred!
Anyone asking for more stories from a certain betting company and their whore for a lawyer, don’t worry, I got some.
I just found out that this so called doctor is a freshman, and is of one of the older families here with Power shoved up his ass with a teaspoon.
I guess they Have never met a real life veteran before with the venom of a Cobra in his veins and in his writings…
I feel almost sorry for these pricks you let your island being run into the ground on complete lack of moral grounds…
Oh, I almost forgot to mention: The lawyer that the Company has hired to fry my ass, and sue me for a 100,000 Euros is in the same circuits as one of my sparring partners and supporters back in my own country.
I already knew that Malta has been infested by power whores the last 2000 years, but it seems to get worse, as the bastards in Parliament are the biggest hypocrites of you all. And they seem to think that they will slip away from my watchful eye?
Another thing: I have contacts within the legal system that can feed me with more that 35 000 pages on the betting industry alone!
What dirt do you think I can dig up on this you reckon? It’s gonna be a long boring read, but I’ll make it more entertaining.
Believe me!
And I asked for the name of the wee chicken hawk who threatened me. The dumbest thing he could have done!
Because this made me curious! Threats are the same to me as “Do not push button” sign is for Homer Simpson! “Leave it alone the wee moron told me”. Soon he didn’t want his picture taken either.
And I made an analogy to a dysfunctional Dad in all o9f this.
Remember this:
When I have a pen and a camera, I’m at my most dangerous! Especially when I get a hook on something! A story!
The Company have not made any threats the last two weeks. They are either cooking up something serious, or they have backed off. If they know what is good for them, they would have backed off.
The sad thing here is, that they have pushed me one step too far. One good thing for them, is that I have been smoking a ton of weed, and gotten a bit off my crusade against pinheads and power mongers. My medication have made me relax a bit.
Give me a bottle of Whisky and a snort, and I will be right back to where they threatened me to shut down my wee vicious pack of facts!
This member of parliament obviodly have something to hide! He’s not even 35, and dancing with a kid that could have been a young daughter in the most provocative ways. And this power monger tried to pull ranks on me…. Sorry lads…! I will find the bastard again, and make him lose his career as statutory rapist of young girls and your democracy. He’s using his position to threaten people to think his anything better than the rest of the mortals. How sad! He’s just met the only immortal he will ever meet in his life! If he knows what is good for him! The next ,meeting will not be so heartly!
Bohemian Writer, May 2009


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