New scary tactics from the Master

 There’s so many things that start to feel a bit… disconnected.

I’ve been to this insane island for 6 weeks! I got sacked after two weeks. Got well paid after two weeks of torture by the CEO himself. The only Big Boss that have ever shown me any sort of respect! The only one in the company that actually seem to be human. The only fan mail I got for my blog so far was an angry letter from a wee wage slave that think sh was doing anything good by sending me a hate mail. And the latest thing was a legal threat from the manager or Betssons lawyer to try to make me shut up! They are trying to intimidate me into not telling my side of the story. They are trying to threaten me from actually using their name in all my journalistic writings or in any form of fiction. They are in fact trying to censor me. They do not like freedom of speech! I will now quote the whole letter to show you how they abusing their power! They are misusing their legal injustice to silence any critic. I will give a respond to each of these accusations one at the time. “RE: Dear Mr. Alme,I write on behalf of……. Ta’Xbiex, Malta, with reference to the above captioned blog.

 It has come to our client’s attention that you have posted various defamatory comments on the above captioned blog relative to Betsson and its employees as a result of which you have acted in breach of your employment contract, criminal law and press law amongst others. In view of the foregoing, by mean of this present you are hereby being formally called upon to immediately delete all comments and preferences, direct and indirect, to Betsson and its employees and to refrain further of the same nature. In default, further legal actions shall be taken against you, including but not limited to action for breach of contract and legal action For you attention and guidance. Signed… Lawyer..”

These are pretty serious charges and threat towards me, don’t you think? Let’s look at each and everyone of them a bit closer. And I haven’t even finished my blog story on Betsson yet? And these are threats? I think that some little boss who’s afraid to lose her job… again that I’m just shooting in the dark here, but as my sources can tell me that this Manager has a history of being sacked for sacking too many people at every place she’s worked. Her so called guru is a supposed call centre guru with a psychology degree. Well, he’s got many truths to him. But the ones who put forward these charges are afraid that I find out that they are not good at following good advice. Even my mother didn’t have the same cynicism as I have experienced and heard here. And now, they are trying to silence me. Now they are threatening to arrest me for simply writing the truth as I see it! First of all, the “breach of contract”…. What does that mean? I got some very serious charges against me already the first week. I spoke to people, told them stories to get them to open up. And they started to tell me the truth. If oversleeping due to illness is a breach of contract… Well, the one who put forward this lame attempt to silence me, have been late almost every day I was there. Besides half the charges that got me sacked was out of line anyway. “Reeking of booze” is the most ridiculous charge still. Half the people that came in there reeked of booze anyway. Except for our little queen who can pick on anyone she don’t like! After that last meeting, I started to take notes about what was going on. And I have not stopped since.

Second: “Criminal Law?” Again, please enlighten me Is it against the law writing about drugs? And even describing one’s own experiences with it? Half the people in Betsson does drugs, none of the employees minds that another smoke a spliff or snort a baseball line. No one dare to be vocal about it! It’s taboo to be vocal about it! It’s a theme that only comedians and clowns dare to talk about! So it seems. The only thing they have on me is my mere description of so called criminal acts! They are doing this because they are afraid of me, and try to scare me into silence. They got something to hide. If I really ever could have done a criminal act, is if they have offered me twice as much for me to keep my shut. And not even that would have been a security for my loyalty. When I start on a new job, my loyalty stays with them. When I leave, my loyalty is left behind. And if I got something to say about things, I have editors that will give me their wives, a case of drugs and a check for a job well done. “Criminal Law” is nothing but barking on a moving tree! Unless they are all Scientologists! The third one is probably the most hilarious. “Press Law”? Again, what press law are you talking about Have I given any proof that I work for a newspaper? If what I write have any truths to it, I can write about anything I please, or what my editor will pay me for. At the moment, I am an outlaw journalist. That means, anything goes. And obviously the company have decided to go to war with me. They are trying to discredit my integrity as a writer! I don’t have to say I’m doing what I’m doing to everyone. Yet it seems to scare some people and companies off when I do some rants. The thing is, we got freedom of speech! No one have the right not to be offended! Not even when it’s close to the truth! Fact is, there is very few of my kind in my style of writing. We are feared! We dare to challenge the establishment! And once they feel threatened, they do another tactic to make me compromise my integrity as a writer! I’m sorry! Whatever you are trying to silence, it won’t work! I have already sent my pieces to the right people long before, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. People already know. And they will know more after I’m completely finished with my story. If Europe had its own Rolling Stone Magazine, they would love my story. Hell! They might even love it the US! Prove to our WASPs over the dam that Europeans can be just as rotten as any fundie from Texas or Alabama! Or Washington! We are also a continent full of scammers that hide under legal cover to be able to screw you over and make you shut up about it! And your elected reps. is a part of it! They are nothing more than hookers for Big Business and their own breaches of decent conduct. One little ironic part of this is, that once they found out I was a writer, they started playing mind games with me. They should have known! The last one they want to screw with is a writer with balls and an ounce of integrity. It’s a rare treat these days… Most newspapers don’t have it. Unless they prove to me that they can show facts! I build my theory on the fact that one of my friends and new editor with a camera just arrived. He got a job in another company. They didn’t seem to mind him being journalist. Betsson wouldn’t even touch him! When Betsson eventually find out that I use writing and pissing off people with an ounce of truth as an excuse for living, they didn’t like that. So they are sending me legal threats and didn’t even give me the paragraphs or any proof that I would be guilty of any of these allegations. I’m a humble writer who’s just describing the world as he sees it. Insane, corrupt, drug induced, hypocritical, schizophrenic, self justified, moronic, and just plain dumb! And they use old fashioned tactics to scare you off! They are using the same methods and expect a different result each time. Well, maybe not in the call centre industry. The Igaming industry as I have seen and heard from reliable sources, it’ s as rotten as any oil company that act patriotic in the Gulf and scream out “America is number one!” Malta and Sliema is truly a schizophrenic place! I have seen many crazy places! The nuttiest places I have been working is in offices like Betsson! I can be your best friend or your worst enemy! Elements in my office decided to rub me the wrong way, decided that I have done all these charges, they decided to wage war on me for simply telling the truth.



3 responses to “New scary tactics from the Master

    • Thanks…

      It means a bout this much…

      To read BS from fans…

      I thrive much more on adversity and enimosity

      I’ll keep you vultures posted…

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