I just killed your God!

If you ever had a religious fruit on your door when you’re in your drug induced world, you would know what I speak of. At least if you’re an ounce like me! You’d tell them to fuck off, and leave their god out of my business. You see I also used to believe in Santa and that we came from the stork!

I told off some Jehovas Witnesses on my door at my Irish fiancés’ house.

Religion is…like sex! You choose whatever horny pastor you get off on! Well, it may have some preferences put into it as well! One doesn’t choose ones sexual preferences; or the culture that you are born within. You are all creating your god into your own cultural preferences and your customs. Ultimately your god only exist in your head, and you give your god the same intolerance as you yourself are plagued with. And then you make it normal! And think that anything different is abnormal and should be punished in your god’s name!

If you think that your god lives and exist, than I have some bad news for you!

I killed your god! Like I did with Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, I tracked him down like a rabid beast! I chopped his legs and arms off with a rusty chain saw! And then I raped him from behind with an AIDS infested baseball bat stuck with an army of posioness ants! Then my God from the North, Ty, the War god gave me an axe and chopped off his head! Now your god is serving as a jizzcather for a flock of baboons in heat!

Those baboons are you! The crowd that is buying into the dogma of so called faith! Claims to have answers but have no real question! You all sicken me! Brainwashed, dumb and gullible! You’re the ones who go to the polls voting for the same asshole that’s been lying to you for the past 4 years!

You’re the ones who go to work every day and think that your boss is actually a nice person!

Religious fanatics and slaves of a scrupulous boss, and scrupulous politicians and snake oil salesmen whose only interest is to cover their asses and keep control over the masses! May you all croak of some horrible venereal disease that no one has heard of!

That means you!


The Bohemian Writer, May 2009


A wizard is never late! Nor is he early! He comes precisely when he means to!” Gandalf


2 responses to “I just killed your God!

  1. no matter how angry one may become it is never advisable to desicrate others personal beliefs without their express permission…..
    I still have one thing going for me….please don’t spoil it see…..only kidding….you already have…..no seriously, only kidding…..not!

    Aawh…just messing with ya my friend….I still dig ya the most.


  2. I just knawed on the bones of Jesus or some other Messiah from the Middle East.

    It tasted awfully dry…

    It got sent to me in a box!

    Dead Beasts are often a drag to drag through customs…

    Believe me! Before you know it, you’ve just lost a bottle of Whiskey, begging the security not to break the bottle, but to drink it!

    It’s easier to piss on a bible than to having to give up a bottle of whiskey…

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