Week two: Paranoia!

 Fifteen to nine, I sit at my desk, checking my email. Freshly showered, but not shaved and clothes from the night before, this is what I’m here door! Ten over nine, I read some news from home. Home is as fucked up already that nothing can and will surprise me no more. No boss showing up! No trainer! Good! Thee sleep was a bit off the night before. Something was brewing in me. All I wanted was to go and sleep again. And do another rant before I could pass out. Lack of sleep started to get to me. Once the Trainer came in, I knew that it might mean, another tiring hour of lecture. The night before, people were drunker than they could handle! During the day, I saw plenty of tired people. Young punks! Some of them I even had a conversation with! They all looked tired and hangover. An incident happened! A Greek was called into the bosses office, and it seemed like they had an argument. The Boss seemed to be in a good shape! Like a Frank Burns of Call Centers. I got the same treatment when I thought I could go home. The trainer wants me to have the “One to One” talk first, and she cannot wait. She calls me into this relaxation room, an ask me to wait. She makes me wait for several minutes. I wonder why. I thought this was going to be a one to one. But no! Before long, Megan turns up! She has something on her mind! -“I have never had to have four talks with one person after just one week”, she says. She is sitting right there, looking at me. And the Queen Bee! And they’re starting to accuse me from the beginning. I was too tired to give a good response. But the more ¬I got wind up! -“You reek if booze”, she blurted out with. That’s when I did not take it anymore! That’s when the allegations and accusations went a bit too fat. I never touch booze! At least not when someone piss me I told her that these allegations from the trainer were false! I also told her that finks are my worst enemy! False accusations are even worse. On the Friday, I get drunk. And I write! Before I know it, I see an old friend of mine from Belfast. It’s almost as if fate have struck again. He sees me before I see him. I’m sitting in front of my office. Before I know it, a familiar face stands right before me. Some things start to become a bit connected again. Two of my dearest friends that helped me a bit in Belfastare both living here, and have split up. And they both don’t know how miserable they make each other with being split up! They make more people worried than just their kid! I found out the reason for why I came down here for! I came here to save a marriage! I wanted to save them from doing the same mistake that Kim Andrews and I did! She made me run away in a matter that I should not have! You Know, Stephane made me think of how I could help him! I also needed a friend to listen to my shit! Many of the ghosts of the past re appeared that night… The next few days, I get the evidence that I’m not 24 anymore. Back when I was still young and fresher out of the military, I could take anything! I’d get out of a coma in 12 hours! Now, a fever rose. For 3 days, I couldn’t move from my bed. In Norway, when you have a cold, you have a cold! On Monday morning, I manage to get in touch with my German friend for him to let the trainer know that I got sick on Saturday. I also asked for him to get the trainer to call me, and maybe also get a doctor here. I never heard from any of them all day. Instead, I slept, and did some self healing. I have never been on sick leave for three days before! I use to take four! And I let my boss know exactly where he can put it, if he won’t leave me alone! Feverish, still, I get in the shower, get on my clothes and sandals and walk down to work. It’s 15 minutes walk; Not very far. Now, it seemed like as if I was going uphill!¨ The medicine from the pharmacy had made me groggy. Ten minutes before work, I sit at my desk and read through my mail. It’s a general message from the Boss! It’s about the “sickline”. The phone number your supposed to call to when you’re sick. It’s always nice to know this afterwards, isn’t it? As usual, the trainer, whom I will from now on be remain nameless from journalistic integrity, let us in to the conference room for another lesson. Besides from poker, sportsbetting is one of my specialties. No worries! After the class is over, some geezer stand outside the room, waiting for someone. It’s me! -“You are Maarteen”, he asks me. “Can we go somewhere and have a wee chat!?” His English is not perfect. He is Swedish. Something is at foot. We find a private room and sit down together. He start talking to me about all the wrong doings I would have supposed to make. As if this was an act of treason. He gave me this peace of paper to sign. I read through it, and said, this is bullshit! I senced that the Queen didn’t have the Balls to tell 0me herself! As I was still weary from my cold, I signed some agreement on termination. I also protested, and asked if I needed to get a lawyer. Instead, he told me to read some more, and that he’d give me a check for 5000 Euros to leave this hour. At this time, I was told that other people were sacked the same way as I did. I promised him an honest review from me. I even told him where he could find it! So, I started my rants! It’s a bloody blog! And now someone from the Top didn’t like my writings! As I understand It, Many people enjoyed my wee writings from the past month or so. Most of them don’t dare to give me a response. And all of them have read my little rapport on certain businesses.

Whatever they are selling, is bullshit! That is what they want me to shut up about what is really going on. Hence, I spent the new days to write and to do my dark business My second week was fillied with righteous paranoia! Third week with a check from a boss who think I would treat this kindly! In due time, I might have forgotten about you! But some little cunt from my last company decided to wage war on me! I will promise you spineless readers! I will win! Dr. Gonzo Ad on: This company is trying to silence me with legal action. They cannot! Freedom of speech is still something they would be cherished. They only do when it’s not about themselves! It’s the natural pecking order. Power mongerers have a little disorder here du joure… They think they can threaten people to not use their free speech rights… Call me paranoid. But I think that after posting this, I might get a little visit from their goons. Because they will find out that I cannot be silenced. And they are shooting in the dark here! If they were truly serious, they would give me paragraphs!


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