Going the extra mile… Fear and Loathing

To drink and do drugs in a week non stop while writing bullshit is what legends are made of. It’s even ancient history. Artists have gone insane while trying to cope with bullshit since the dawn of history.

Take a step away from reality and create your alternative one. You know you’re closer to the Truth than any sober pundit that spews out cheap lies on TV every night.

Nothing is new under the sun. Another honor killing. Another perverted sex maniac exposed in Austria. Bush got his will again in Congress. Obama is a bloody hypocrit and flip flopper who runs against an old semi- fascist who still endorses torture despite his own experiences in Vietnam.

Norwegian politcians are lying through their teeth as usual and play the personal vendettas to cover up their complete ignorance towards reality and incomptence in real life.

How can I put it?

Every thinking man is almost forced into alcoholism and an extraordinary drug use just to cope with the bullshit that he’s being fed with on a daily basis.

And then, when I go into the forums and feeds, and read more bullshit from amateur writers whom are buying into the these lies, I just feel like jumping into the bottle or the bong and stay there.


If you kreeps didn’t think otherwize, I am on an agenda here. Starting to think in the same terms as my dead editor. I don’t mind a dead editor, but the bastard shouldn’t go and die without my knowledge, screwing up book promises, and being so political correct that it makes me want to vomit. At least I’m keeping my own promise to him, and start my own blog. This is a homage to him. My old publisher. This is also a direct message to Shabana Rehman whom also used to get me paid for writing articles that I could get death threats for. Those were the days…

Now, I’m just going the extra mileage to survive the next few weeks of insanity and drunken poetry and fear and loathing of a world that seems hostile and self absorbed in shallow thoughts and cheap lies, where everyone have become media whores.

Read my daily rants, and keep out of my way! There are periods where I want to fuck with anyone who looks at me funny.

Does it sound familiar?



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