Hello world!

Hello pissants!

I want to tell you about gonzo literature!

Somehow, it seems that gonzo is dead! Or is it?

Did the whole concept of Gonzo die with Hunter S. Thompson and the ending of Waren Ellis wee take on the future of America die peaceful deaths as to an ending of a good story of Spider Jerusalem or a a bullet through ones brain?

I think not!

For more than 10 years I have been doing the exact same shit as these two with my own take on life and injustice! Have I gotten any good shit from it back? Oh yes!

Gonzo is NOT dead! It lives and breaths and hates within every mouthful of booze and drugs I take!

And with every line I write or snort, I take it upon my goddamn honour to be in accords to the Truth!

Once I had my own column in a major newspaper. Underpaid and overworked! Now, the wee witch whom was my “editor” is not giving a damn!

What the hell do I have to do? Storm into the office building armed to the teeth just to have access to write the Bloody Truth?

Do I have to fear monger the suits and ties into submission  and beat the Truth into them so they’ll look like trainwrecks?

Do I have to pour heavy hallucinogenic drugs into their cooffees just to have them see it my way? Do I have to expoce these bastards for being hard porn whores of Big Lies?

Where newspaper editors are deeply engaged into hard core sex with “our elected representatives”, the big coverup is a must! Hence, true journailism is being swallowed up by corruption and silencing of true voices of Freedom!

I may be poor! I may be persona none grata in certain circles! I may have been on my death bed many times! Does it look like I’m being intimidated? fuck that! I will come in with a flame thrower and a pen!

I have been i a battle more than once! I will to you little kreeps tell you things that official sources will not tell you because they are media whores and prostitutes of their corporate garbage…

Are you ready for the uncompromising Truth people?


Morten Alme

Writer and dissident


6 responses to “Hello world!

    • Thank you Miriam.

      You should continue read my post.

      According to some corporate assholes, I’m writing some pretty infamatory columns in which they want to silence….

      Best regards
      The Boehmian Writer
      What do you think I should do? Lay down like an obedient dog, or completely screw them up in their colons?

  1. Don’t be ready for somethin you may not know what you’re getting yourself into. Unless you’re tough as a viking…

    Thr strength I get is some bloody blues and a picture of Kim Ill Sung to keep me going..

  2. Hey my friend…..I want to assent to your seemingly insane ravings…..

    I may not have been granted as much insight as you into what really lies beneath th obvious veneer of what is called “reality”….however, I have been looking into it for many years now.

    There is still much to discern when it comes to what is the truth and what is a variation of the truth nd what is a preferred distortion of the truth, nonetheless, it remains the charge of some to be custodians of “The Need” to unearth and expose “Them”.

    Soon my friend, soon.

    Maurice Nixon.

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